The One and Only Virgin Post!

Ahem! Drum rolls please!~ =D

MuN's One and Only VIRGIN Post is HERE!

Well, since this is the first time I'm writing, have MERCY on me readers. =) Been thinking for a long time what to post, and how to. I've finally decided to keep it simple and stuff you with photos. =P

Went shopping with my girls in Forever 21 the other day and it triggered the hungry beast in me, HUNGER FOR CLOTHES! Haha. So, I went to F21 right away the following day! Gonna show the photos ;)

Gah! I love so many things and have no idea what to buy. Btw, if you ever see me with this look in the fitting room. PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL! I'm going to bug you until you slap me. Haha.

Beware the indecisive look!

Talking about things I want. I have such a long wishlist. Two pair of shoes from VIOR, bags from an online website, FLATS! **yes people! I'm going to wear flats so look out for funny scenes of me falling flat on my face!**, and oh! I want a maxi too. I want the bracelet from DIVA.

Okok, let's not continue anymore, it's not going to end. XD

Mel! Endless shopping list! Haha.

Toodles for now, I'm not sure when I'm going to blog again. Maybe the next time I hit the fitting rooms, or bought those shoes! =DDD Love ya lots!

P.s:. Please still be gentle and kind to me on my second post! ;)

Winter Knits

It's already 2 months into Winter here in Perth and I do not enjoy my uni at this time because I have to get out of the house by 6.50-ish just to make it in time for my morning classes. The temperature will hit rock bottom ranging from 3 to 5 degrees? I'm a sucker for cold, really. There goes my hope of becoming a vampire wtf hahaha!

Anyway, my mum came to accompany me for whole 5 weeks! In that time, she practically turned into a knitting machine as she knitted about 4 cardigans, 1 baby blanket and many more which I've forgotten. Oh I chose that colour in the cardigan shown above because it makes me feel like a peacock. I'm pretty =D < *OMG GOT PINK COLOUR FONT!!*

Other than that peacock cardigan, she even knitted this mini cardigan for me with cute lil buttons bought from Spotlight! But then again, it's something that I could only wear during winter which is quite a pity if you think about it. Nevertheless, Spring is coming and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S NEW IN STORES!

Ps : I bought new clothes AGAIN. I have reached the point of no return. < Fuh so drama.

PPs or was it PSS? : DONT MIND THE FAT CHUBBY FACE thank you very much.


I've always been somewhat baffled at why I get these white spot on the fingernails sometimes (on my index finger) At school, I've been told many variations of explanations, mainly from the 'traditional' side of things. Someone told me its due to calcium or vitamin deficiency and someone else told me it's because you're constipated. I find the latter very hard to believe.

In some cases perhaps it is contributed to calcium and vitamin deficiency but simply and more accurately, the cause of this white spot on your nails is due to any trauma to the nail base!

So do take care not to bum into anything if you want to avoid those unsightly white dots on your nails that ruins your otherwise nice and even looking nails. It takes approximately 8 months for your nail to grow from base to tip. Your fingernail also grows faster on your preferred hand meaning if you're a leftie, the nails on your left hand will grow faster, vice versa. Hope this has been slightly informative. Toodles.


Hey everyone, I'm here to announce the creation of Five Fashion Friends. A collaborative effort between 5 friends to blog about almost everything from each of our own personal style, fashion, beauty, health, shopping and anything else under the sun.

Firstly, let me introduce the writers:

Swan Tan

Nicole Chin

Melissa Lee

Andrea Cheah

Hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I'm sure we all will enjoy blogging over here.