I finally feel somewhat fashionable again...

My sister and I checked out the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) in Jindalee last week. And we manage to get some absolute steals! Eg: In Cotton On we bought like 10 items for AUD$50. I finally feel that my wardrobe has some substance again.

On the other hand, the weather has been getting much cooler lately. It's probably due to changing of seasons from summer to autumn. Bring on the autumn gear! :D

So I managed to take Daily Outfit pictures after about 2 months? We were going out for a friend's birthday dinner.

My sister got her fringe boots for only $10! Steal steal steal!

I think her fringe boots and studded dress combination is really awesome!

And this is my outfit! I got my boots from Rubi Shoes for $25 only! Such a bargain.
The quality isn't the best in the world coz it's started to fray a little already. But I think it adds to that scruffy, worn out look. I'll just wear it for as long as I possibly can. ;)

Boots - Rubi Shoes
Black Cardigan - Forever 21
Shirt (worn underneath) - A cheapo shop in the city
Shorts - Nike
Studded bag - Cats Whiskers

My Everyday Look

Hello all,

It's been a really long time since I've updated here at Five Fashion Friends. I feel bad, really.

It's officially Autumn now but the weather has yet to cool down. The weather is partly to be blamed for my lack of updates. On hot hot days, all you can bear to wear are shorts and a tank top!

This has got to be my sure win combo. LOL. Leggings with my favourite but now worn out looking floral tank. I even made the effort of editing my pictures so they look artsy-fartsy! LOL

Toodles for now.

p.s. I can't wait for winter so I can start rocking boots! LOL.

Long overdue post.

This post was meant to be posted like a gazillion years ago. So sorry I never got to doing it. It's just the last few months have been absolutely crazy, I barely had time to update my own blog let alone Five Fashion Friends.

Furthermore, I only have limited clothes here in Aussie since I couldn't bring much without it costing a bomb so I have totally no motivation to take Daily Outfit shots. Mainly coz I feel that you've already seen it all before since I brought my fail-safe staples. I know you're supposed to mix and match and create exciting new combinations everyday... but without my arsenal or accesories I had back home and the large variety of clothes I feel slightly lost. It'll probably take me awhile before I post up any Daily Outfit shots.

Instead, I'll scout around for cool outfits other people are wearing and post them here (when I have the time) so people who are in need for fashion inspiration will feel, well, inspired! Watch this space for those.

In the meantime, one of the last few Daily Outfit shots we took in KL on our excursion to Petrosains in KLCC.


Guest model Jowee working the neutrals! The earthy colours really complement her skin tone and she looks fabulous! :D

This isn't exactly Mel's outfit shot (we didn't manage to get one of her) but I thought it showcased her outfit pretty well so here goes! Sorry abt the kid behind though...

Anyway, that's her signature bow hairband from Diva and she really pulled off the sparkly red wedges from Vincci which matched her quilted bag. And by keeping the rest of her outfit monochromatic, the red really pops! I think I like it coz it's probably something I wouldn't have been able to pull off - especially the shoes! ;)

I don't know why my pose looks so awkward here. =/

Top - Sg.Wang
Sandals- Vincci
White belt- Tangs, Singapore
Studded bag - Cats Whiskers
Winged ring - Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid (I found out Bonita are doing cheapo rip offs of it though)
Watch - D&G
Blue bracelet - Australia
Diana Mini Lomocam - Mooks

Ann's Lookbook worthy picture! :D
Loving the polkadots.

That's it for now folks!