My Current Wish List

Just thought I'd quickly share what I'm currently lusting after:

I really like this retro looking dress from Forever 21. But the shape is slightly off. =(

And I love the shirt which says: Make Art Not War.
Too bad they don't have my size. =(
Oh and introducing temporary model- Jowee! I absolutely love the blue dress she's wearing coz it's gorgeous and the material is really good. She bought it by the way.
Also from Forever 21.

This top is from Miss Selfridge. I really like the fringe details all over the sides and the colours at the neckline! Too bad it costs a bomb! (RM130 if I'm mistaken! 0_o)

The full view of the lovely top!!

The black blazer I have on is 70% off (RM113 after discount) from Springfield. The material was really silky and nice but I didn't get it in the end. Was really tempted to though!
I've been wanting a nice, structured blazer to pair with casual outfits so that the blazer will smarten up the overall look!

Oh and that's temporary model- Adele who's wearing a Topshop top and Springfield jeans which was 70% off too!

Just a closer look at the blazer.
Just a quick update. That's all for now!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Back in KL, I used to hear about dry shampoo from magazines and TV but the only dry shampoo I know of in KL was one from Anna Sui. Can you say way over my budget? (okay, I don't really know how much it costs)

In the category of Best Dry Shampoo in the Australian Beauty Awards 2009, the winner was Batiste Blush Shampoo. It's retail price is $9.90 for a 150ml so I thought, why not!

It's available in 3 different fragrances: Original, Blush and Tropical.
I bought Blush because it smells lovely.
Tropical smelt too strongly of coconuts (like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration!) and I thought it would be too overwhelming.

magic in a can!

The instructions are at the back like many other products

I just got back from a jog just now. I washed my hair this morning and I've got a dinner tonight. Honestly, I don't want to wash my hair again, its dry enough as it is and you don't really sweat here in Perth during winter so I decided to use my new dry shampoo and share my experience with it here on Five Fashion Friends!

The post-workout mess of a hair

First, you need to shake the can well.

Hold it approximately 30cm away and spray lightly, giving even coverage.

then,Use fingertips to massage through hair and leave for a few moments

Brush product out preferable using a natural bristle brush.

I don't have a natural bristle brush so I'm just using my handy round VS Sasoon comb.
Contemplating spending $15 on a Coles Brand boar bristle brush. Should I? Or invest more in another brand of brush? hmmm...

And the results of Batiste Dry Shampoo?

Softer, more voluminous, bouncier and nice smelling hair!

No I am not exaggerating. It really does what it claims to do!

I would recommend every girl to own a bottle! It's so handy and helps us revive our hair in an instant! It also comes in a smaller purse sized can for your convenience!

Shopping is a Healing Remedy

Well, as usual, I am just going to upload photos of my shopping trip =)

Went to MNG, Forever 21, and Topshop to shop for fun. I must say, I didn't know Topshop has new arrivals every WEDNESDAY! I feel like a loser. No wonder I always don't get to find clothes in my size! I have to ask when is the new arrival date for Forever 21. XD

Clothes tried in MNG

Clothes tried in Topshop

Clothes tried in Forever 21

Well, was feeling abit blue lately but shopping surely have lifted up my mood! =)
See ya soon readers!

P.S. I only uploaded one or two photos for some clothes I tried. If you want to see everything. Head over to my facebook. I am going to upload the entire shopping album.

Bag For Uni

Ever felt that your bag is too small for all your uni stuffs? Ever felt your shoulders going numb after carrying a bag full of stuffs around and your hands are still full?

Well! I have! And I'm going to get a backpack to solve all this. Can't bear with the pain and trouble anymore. Because I carry books, my laptop, my jacket, water bottle and all daily stuffs like handphones, wallet, make up pouch to uni. So, I shall ease my misery with a BACKPACK!

Here are some designs I consider quite convinient for uni purposes. Might even make you change your mind and follow my footsteps! You can still be fashionable with a backpack! =D

A two-way usage bag. Can be used as a backpack or a shoulder bag.

A black backpack that can go with any outfit!

A sporty backpack.

I personally can't choose between the three. Give me your comments and tell me which's nice =)

Oh! And you can also show me other backpacks you consider are good for uni! Sharing is caring! =D

Toodles for now! **hugs**

Animal Instincts

I'm pretty sure that everyone of you would have spotted a clothing or two in a shop splashed with animal print patterns. Not only that but it seems that there are more and more pieces of accessories coming up that are thoroughly inspired with animal motives. I for one, have been craving for ANYTHING that has something to do with those killer prints.

I love combining pastels with animal prints to tone down the whole dramatic print for if not, it would be a disaster or I would look like as if I just got out from a safari zoo.

Sorry for the headless photo but it's hard taking pictures of myself looking good with the outfit as well and I didn't want to take a picture of my own reflection from the mirror. Anyway, as you can see from the picture, I'm wearing a Zebra high-waisted T-Shirt dress and I've combined it with a pastel pink patent bag. As it is getting warmer lately, I finally get to wear a pair of white wedges from the cupboard and flaunt it under the warm sun.

There you have it, an outfit for a bright sunny day. =DD

PS : I painted my nails bright orange to match the fiery print RAWR!!

Zebra Waisted T-Shirt Dress - Dotti
Brown Belt - Valleygirl
Leah Pink Patent Bag - Coach
White Wedges - Betts
Heart-Shaped Sunnies - Forever 21

My Everyday Look

note: When I could be bothered to put in a bit more effort into dressing up, I guess I do look a bit more decent. At other lazy days, all I want to do is to put on my faded blue jeans, a t-shirt and a large hoodie. Sorry I look so unglam in the photos as these were taken after I got home from uni.Whole day in uni, half an hour transit via public transport, 5 minutes walk home, you get the picture...

The trends I enjoy right now are the cropped blazers, tights (they're never going away are they?), nautical inspired, vintage jewelry, animal prints, floral motives, fringes and of course black. You can never go wrong with anything black.

Striped top: Australian Way of Life (AWOL)
Necklace: Diva
Cropped blazer: Little Black Book
Skinny Jeans: Jay Jays
Flats: Gallaz

Tunic top: Cotton On
Necklace: Diva
Cardigan: Jay Jays
Opaque tights: Forever New

Look 2 is probably displaying what everyone says "tights are not pants!" but heh...
I know that to pair something with tights, the ideal length of the top should reach your mid tight.
Heh, at least my top isn't tight and it falls below my ass so I deem it okay!

Shoo Sticks

A friend of mine recently gave me some freebies. Sample packs of Shoo Sticks!

Don't you just hate it when you put on a sexy pair of strappy heels or a sling back but the falling straps just kills your mojo? I used to use normal double sided tape in my vain attempt to keep the straps from falling but by a few hours, it just falls off and I'm back to pulling my strap up every once in awhile. Feel my pain?

Shoo Sticks

I guess this product is similar to the magic body tape that you can use to tape on your clothes to yourself. So, this isn't exactly new technology.

Each 'stick' is roughly the size of your average shoe strap.
It's thick in a sense that it's like those foam double sided tape.
For our convenience, look, it even tells you which side to stick where!

But wait, Shoo Sticks are not just for keeping your straps attached!
The instruction sheet says that you can also use it to:
- Hold slipping straps
- Minimise rubbing
- Feel secure in sky high heels

Brace Yourselves!

I know I am VERY late in coming up with something to blog.


better late than never isnt it?! (Blame Andrea for being such a religious blogger so much so, she made me look like a lazy twat! :)

So anyway, since i came over to Australia, I've been hit by a sudden absurd liking in

And I really like those that are of Snakes, Tigers and Elephants(I KNOW WTF RIGHT?!)
but i swear i saw it somewhere!

Snake bangle from Sportsgirl

all bangles pictured above are from Diva

I got my first gold-leather linked bracelet from Diva in Malaysia and I never stopped purchasing gold bracelets from then on. Diva is actually not bad considering how I ignore that shop everytime I'm at a mall. Maybe it's the new collection and maybe it's just my hormones. Diva is selling a generous amount of gold accessories. And, they come in a bunch of 4 or 5 bangles. So, it's best you invest in TWO bunch and mixmatch it to match your outfit!(like what I did!). Obviously, it's best paired with simple tops because God know's how distracting it becomes when you pile extravagant accessories unto printed tops! Might give someone hypertension :)
And that is not good for the soul.

pictured here in my sister's humble room :D

Cardi-Cotton On
Necklace-Topshop(70% off babayyy!)
Wayfarers-Cotton On

Outfit paired with leggings from Supre :)


love from down under

Bangsar Shopping Trip

During the holidays, Kit Mun and I went shopping around Bangsar. We missed you guys so much because without you guys there's only the two of us left. =(

Anyway, behold, Kit Mun with straight hair!!! Such a rare sight eh?

The both of us only... T.T
Faster come back girls!!!


PS: I liked my hair that day. Good hair day! ^_^ And for once, Kit Mun's hair is as straight as mine!! ;)


Okay...the result of a productive shopping day.
Top- Mocca
Studded belt- (I totally cannot remember the name of the shop coz it's a new one but they were having storewide discount so yeah... =/)
Bronze bracelets (set of 3)- Cats Whiskers
Black bracelet- Cats Whiskers
I also introduced Kit Mun to Delicious that day and I think she's hooked on the Carbonara pasta ever since! Lol. XD


I think it's the middle of winter now here in Perth yet stores such as Valley Girl has already launched their Spring collection. I've got to say that I am loving all that lovely floral prints on cute dresses.

I was shopping at Harbor Town sometime ago and I found a tube floral dress and I just had to try it on. I really liked the vibrant colour, the fact that it's a tube dress (I simply adore the simplicity of a tube dress) and the tutu lining that gave the skirt an extra "poofyness".

The best part is? It's reduced from $49.90 to $19.90!

Was very tempted to get it. Friends gave it a green light suggesting that I can pair it with black tights and a simple black balzer then I can wear it out to uni etc.

But I told myself not to get it since it's a tad too bright and daring for me to pull off on any other day. Tell me it's ok that I didn't buy a twenty dollars pretty dress! In time, the current Spring collection will be reduced as well. *fingers crossed*