A Little Trip Down the Confession Lane

Only been through half the month and I've already started feeling guilty of all the stuffs I've bought. The worst is, I still have a very LONG WISHLIST. >.<

Left - Dress [Forever 21]
Shades [ Oopsie Daisie]

Right - White Dress [Forever 21]
Shades [Oopsie Daisie]

Both - Baseball Cap [Pyramid Asian Avenue]
Shades [Oopsie Daisie]
Brown Spaghetti Top [Given]
Pink Jacket [Pull and Bear]
Pants [Connaught Night Market]

P.S Please excuse the ugly photos. I was desperate and stape my phone on the mirror to take the photos with selftimer. Lolx.

Up - Green Jacket [Agape Boutique Blogspot]
Down - Beige Shoes [Agape Boutique Blogspot]

Left - White Purse [Attire Attic's Blogspot]
Right - Brown Leather Buckle Bracelet [Agape Boutique Blogspot]

P.S, Please excuse these as well, I haven't receive them, so I don't have the picture. =)

These are not all the items I bought. There are still some other stuffs which I can't remember. I bought another pair of shorts from the night market along with the brown shorts. Am lazy to post it up. Oh! I also bought presents! =D

Apart from all these, I'm still buying. *tell me I'm over the limit, excessive shopping* But, I'm buying a black jacket, a blazer, a pair of shoes (hopefully), another pair of shades, a bag and other things when I see em. XD

Haha, that's all for now.
Btw! TELL SWAN TO BUY THE BEIGE DRESS FROM FOREVER 21. She looks absolutely gorgoes in it, but won't listen to me. =( Sigh.

Well, going to post Swan and my Ball Day photos the next time I blog. Until then....toodles!!~ =)

My One and Only Thrill

More pictures from shopping escapades. ;)

First up, this is a star necklace I bought from Spade for RM19.90.
And then I went to Times Square the next day and saw it going for RM14.90.
Oh well, I still really like it though. So pweeety.
Zara was having this massive sale and this dress was going for only RM70!
I would have bought the dress if I thought I could actually eat while wearing it. =.=

I really REALLY like the design though.
I am insanely in love with the black, sparkly, sequinned top from Forever 21.
But it's not really feasible to buy it since it's so super shiny, I can only wear it out at night.
Otherwise I just look like a black disco ball.
Still doesn't stop me from oogling at it though! 0_o

I ALMOST bought this top but Kit Mun point blank refused to let me get it because according to her I could like.. add RM30 and get the dress below. =/

She thinks I should wear it for prom. I would if I could actually breathe in it.
Besides, I'd be able to wear the top more often than the dress. The dress you wear once, then it's so hard to wear again since I seldom wear dresses out. =(
Anyway, that's guest model- Jowee. Which I'm sure you all know by now.
I lurveee her corset looking dress.

That's all for now folks!

The Scoop

This might be old news (someone down under updating you on the happenings of KL) but I just gotta share!

Cotton On is FINALLY opening two stores in KL in early September! It's already mid September so I assume that it's already open in Pavilion and One Utama! I absolutely love Cotton On for the basics that they offer! Oh, someone please please tell me, is it just Cotton On or is Cotton On Body finally there as well? But with the exchange rate, it's about the same price to buy in KL or Aus. Perhaps it'll be cheaper to buy in Singapore since dollar for dollar, the prices are the same in Aus and Sing. tralala.

On a similar note, I THINK H&M is going to open a store in KL! OMG! I'm not sure about the price range but I sure am excited to hear more updates on this!

Daily Outfits

I created a new label entitled Daily Outfits. So whenever we post up our everyday outfits, we can save it under the same label. ;)

Without further ado, my daily outfits (or the ones I remembered to take a picture of):

Black flower choker- My sister's from either Diva or Accesorize (she can't remember! >.<)
Black top- Memphosis (Singapore)
Watch- Fossil
Shorts- Jay Jay's
Black belt- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
I really like the choker! I wore this outfit during Merdeka. I guess you could say I wasn't feeling particularly patriotic. =.=

Getting ready for a night out dancing! We were so bright you could probably spot us a mile away. 0_o

My sister
Blue dress- Sg. Wang RM25 shop
Heels- Custom made salsa shoes

Orange dress- Jaspal
Black stockings- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Heels- Vincci
Charm bracelet- Swarovski (Innsbruck)

Black and white spade top- Oopsie Daisie
Black striped vest- Valleygirl
Silver long necklace- Diva
Watch- Fossil
Black sling bag- The Fashion Bar, Sg. Wang 6th floor
Black jeans- Dorothy Perkins
Black sequinned flats- Vincci
Bracelet- Cats Whiskers

There you have it! Just a short post. Till next time!

When A Shopaholic Meets Plastic

Meet the approximately 2 X 3 inches object that has potential to give many women joy!

That's my visa debit card. (forgive the retarded method of removing my details)
It gives me the power to spend.

It's not absolute power tho as it's a debit card not a credit card. Since I started working, I've got my own money to spend guilt free. I think I blew off my first weeks pay and a little bit of my second pay already. hehe. No worries, after this mini celebration, I shall save up!

Finally I've ticked off everything on my shopping list!

Lets see what I've bought within this week.

I bought this simple yet chio spaghetti strap top!

Absolutely love this!

And a closer look:

The zipper front and way the middle bit of the top is sewn.
Temp for $14.95

It's time for some floral brightness with this fitting high waist skirt!
It's time to embrace spring!Cotton On for $20

Not to forget some accessories!
A hair band with a large bow.
Ice Accessories for $3.95

And for my absolute favorite purchases of the week

I finally got myself a pair of denim shorts!
Cuffed, faded denim. :)

And the back of it.
Can't wait for it to get warmer so I can finally wear shorts and skirts again!
Valley Girl for $24.95

Of course, I got the floral top that I was talking about in my blog!
Had to go to Carousel today to get this because the outlet in the city didn't have the size I wanted.

Valley Girl for $14.95

I think I can lay off shopping for clothes for now as I've got most of what I need already!

Err, and you know how they say that a persons wants are unlimited? I saw some angle wings and I am so tempted to get them! Its $19! But why would I ever need angle wings? :(

To accommodate my growing wardrobe collection, I decided to buy a bunch of hangers from Supre.
A bunch of 20 for only $1!

More bargains!

Got this black clutch from Portmans, Harbor Town for 50% off the already reduced price of $9.95! Steal! My sister went crazy and bought a bunch of belts, bags, gloves and scarves...

All of a sudden I'm tempted to buy a new pair of jeans from Jay Jays for $20 and bleach/tear/customize it! :D

How To Do Swan's Crazy Eyeliner

As promised, (and since I have the most requests for this) here is a simple tutorial on how to do my makeup. It really is quite easy and once you've mastered it, it takes about 5 minutes to paint it on. Fuss free indeed!

PS: And if you have single eyelids and have no idea how to put makeup on, this should be pretty useful. It really helped me a lot since we single eyelid-ers can't put on makeup the way double eyelid people do. =.=

Anyway, before applying any form of makeup, you HAVE to cleanse, tone, moisturise. Basic skincare routine is very important to prevent premature aging!

After I cleanse, tone and moisuturise, I apply a makeup base from Shu Uemura to smoothen the imperfections on my face as well as lessen to lessen the redness. The makeup base also acts as a barrier, protecting my face from the powder foundation which will be put on after all the eye makeup is done.

It also has SPF if I'm not mistaken, so I don't have to put on sunblock. =)

You have to hold the bottle at 90 degrees and shake well before squirting it out. The texture is kinda foamy and light. Just apply it evenly over your face and you're good to go.

Jowee once asked me what was the one makeup product I don't leave the house without. And my answer was the Shu Uemura makeup base. It has become ingrained as part of my skin care routine I supposed.

I used to use a MAC makeup base which was not bad too but was slightly oilier. =/

Okay, here is how I look sans makeup on except for the makeup base.

So the first step to replicating my eye makeup would be the ever important liquid eyeliner.
As you can see, I use MAC's LiquidLast Liner which I find really good as it firmly stays on without smudging until you take it off.
In other words, it really does last.

Okay, so you draw the liquid liner close to your lash line extending outwards and upwards with a tiny little flick upwards at the end. You liquid liner should be JUST visible when you open your eyes (like the picture above).
Since everybody's eyes are different, use your own discretion when applying please.
(Oh and ignore my bad skin. stupid macro mode is too good liao. =.=)

This is the actual amount of eyeliner I had to put to fill up the space from my lashline to the top where it is JUST visible when I open my eyes. And you can see the cat-eye-upwards-flick more clearly here.
Hohoho, scary isn't it?
Oh yeah, a common concern about using liquid liner is that you have to have super steady hands. That is REALLY untrue. Because I have super shaky hands (I can never play Operation! >.<).
The trick is to rest your hand on your chin or on the mirror while using the liquid liner.
Now you know! ;)

Here you go. A comparision of before and after the liquid liner.
Obviously my left eye is after and my right eye is before.
The liquid liner is sort of like the base, once you hae that in place, you can use any kind of eyeliner on top of it in any colour to blend.
It basically gives your eyes more definition. ;)

Both eyes with eyeliner. Doesn't it look slightly bigger already? ^_^

After the liquidliner, you can use any sort of pencil or liquid liners in any colour you want for the top part. I usually use pencil liners coz they don't look so harsh.
Here I'm using MAC's pencil liner in Prunella. It's a mixture of brown and purple.
At other times, I use Silkygirl pencil eyeliners. At only RM14.90 they're really affordable plus they stay on forever. The only downside is that you have exert a bit more force when you draw it on which isn't good for the eyes (all that excessive pulling =S) as it will cause wrinkles around the eyes sooner or later.
This is why MAC eyeliners rock coz the colour glides on really easily and it's supremely easy to blend. However, MAC's pencil liners don't stay on AS long and tend to smudge a little towards the end of the day and they are like thrice the price of Silkygirl's eyeliners.
But if you want quality, you have to pay a price for it I guess.
Using the liner and colour of your choice, just draw on top of the liquid liner following its shape, overlapping it just a little bit so that the two colours blend.
Remember to extend that wing at the end of your eye so that it looks bigger!
And as you can see, that's before and after again. Such dramatic differences. Le sigh.

A closeup of my eye after the pencil eyeliner.
You can actually alter the shape of your eye when you draw the pencil eyeliner on depending on how you want your eye shape to me.
In my case, I want my eyes to look bigger so the middle part of my eye is extended higher so that it looks bigger.
But if you want longer eyes, you should extend the eyeliner to the back more, giving the illusion of longer, sleeker eyes.

When I close my eyes, this is how it looks.
Ideally, you should blend until you cannot see the distiction between the black liquid liner and the Prunella pencil liner.

To aid the blending process, you can employ the use of a black pencil eyeliner but you run the risk of getting smudges after a while. What I usually do is just draw on the line between the liquid liner and the pencil liner till the two distinct lines aren't visible anymore. For some reason, coloured pencil liners don't smudge as easily as black ones do. 0_o

Just repeat the process for the other eye and you're good to go!
This is how it looks like when you close both your eyes.
Lastly, just line your lower lashline with the pencil eyeliner.
I usually just line it halfway. Going all the way in is a bit too scary and animalistic!

There we go! The finished product!
Since my right eye is slightly smaller than my left, I have to draw more pencil liner to even it out and make it look roughly the same size.

Here are just some other photos using other coloured pencil liners:

Minty Green from MAC as well.
(Please ignore ugly face, it was the end of a very long day.)

Aaaand...my trademark purple which is from Silkygirl.
If you want to add more sparkle in the form of eyeshadow, add it above the pencil liner, blending it all the way to your browbone. I only do that for special occasions or during the night coz the eyeliner alone look very heavy already.
Alternatively, you can also put white/silver eyeshadow or eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes look even bigger. Personally, I used a silver liner from some Japanese brand to do it. Again, I only do it for special occasions or for nights out coz it's a bit scary to have so much makeup on normally. =P
So there you have it! How to make your single eyelid eyes look bigger in a super simple way.
If you plan on trying this out, tell me how it turned out! It gets better with practice I assure you.