Helloh, Thy Name is Guestblogger

Dear all FiveFashionFriends readers. hELLO! I am the guestblogger for today.
And today we're gonna be talking about accessories.
Check out the huge ribbon ring.

Today's look was inspired by Tavi Gevinson.

Sweater by- Laura Ashley
Scarf by- mum's closet
Rings -
BigRibbonMesh: Forever 21 RM15
6in1silverrings: sister's closet
WingRing- some random shop in Asian Avenue.
Thumbring: sister's closet.

Hah hah! Sorry I'm not very helpful in telling you where to get my stuff. But hey atleast its... purdeey.

Here's more:

That's all folks. WILL post up more looks once I've camwhored and uploaded it.

DIY: Bleached Denim Jacket

It's been awhile since my last update here at Five Fashion Friends.
This was a DIY project that I've been itching to do for the longest time and I finally got to it about a month ago.

I got this denim jacket at a clothes swap party that a distant relative of mine organized last year. (more like me taking, not swapping. I didn't know it was a clothes swap until before we left the house)

I didn't like the boring dark blue look to this jacket and my fingers were itching.

So what you would need is:
Spray Bottle
Rubber gloves

Note: I tried soaking the jacket in a bucket with 1/3 Bleach and 2/3 Water but THAT DOES NOT WORK.

The successful way to do it is just to simply pour the bleach into the spray bottle, spray it all over the jacket and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Not too long though, you don't want to spoil the jacket.

I hung the jacket with a hanger outside and just sprayed all over.

The final results?

Not too bad ey? :)

Hope this was somewhat helpful!