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This is desiree and I absolutely loved her style.

The Loot: Hair Gift Pack

Since I've a compulsive behaviour of shopping, I've decided to start blogging about my purchases here. Expect mostly bargains and sales item because who can resist?

Went to the pharmacy to buy a new facial cleanser that will do it's job in removing make up. As much as I love my Burt's Bees it just doesn't do its job well enough in removing my BB cream. More about that next time!

Was in the check out line when I spotted this:

Was $29.99 reduced to $5 and heck, I've been thinking of getting a round heat reminder brush so why not. It also comes with a shine spray.

Say hello to more blow drying and voluminous hair!

Hair Hair Hair

I finally bought myself a hair dryer months after moving out (no more sisters hair dryer to use). A new toy to play with plus the cold winter months leads to a new obsession.

This is going to sound so bimbo but I love blow drying my hair as it leaves my hair bouncy and tame compared to my hair that would otherwise look dry and unruly.

I am well aware of the damage that heat can do to your hair but I've never really bothered because I do not put my hair through that kind of stress often but now, it was time to get a heat protector! I've heard friends and read some reviews of people complaining that heat protectors leave a layer of weirdness on hair so I was trying to be careful and vary when purchasing my first heat protector. I've have a bad history of compulsively buying new/wrong products. One morning, I went to Priceline store and stared at the isle where hair care products are slowly browsing that the various brands and type of hair products. Had a hard time making up my mind and decided on Organix's Vanilla Silk Blow Dry Cream. Purchased it for ~$14 on offer.

Good news is that this doesn't leave any weird feeling on my hair and it smells absolutely divine (I'm a huge vanilla scent fan)! It's organic and it's vanilla- should be hard to go wrong with. My hair feels softer and more bouncy but I don't know if that's the work of the blow dryer or this product. Conclusion: I absolutely love this product for it's divine scent!!!

On another note:
Disguising a bad hair day
My options usually are:

1. Tie my hair up in a cute french braid.
Works all the time and gets lots of compliments!

2. Tie it up in a bun.
2.1. A messy bun
2.2. A top knot

3. Wear a hair band- I rarely do this because bad hair days and fat days seem to co-exist and hair bands are just too 'cute' to go with it if you know what I mean.

And of course, dry shampoo to the rescue to hide and signs of greasy hair. :)

The top knot

p.s. I just visited Organix's website and by the name of the shampoos (Cherry Blossom Ginseng, Grapefruit Mango Butter, Pomegranate Green Tea) I can just imagine how yummy it would smell! Must read up some reviews on this brand soon and purchase it the next time I need new shampoo!


Topshop vest and leggings, Promod jumper shorts. Forever 21 knitted hat.

Take a Look at Lookbook

Lookbook link's at the sidebar.
I just wanted to show you some looks that I really love and would definitely wear, if I were skinny enough.

Speaking of which, is it me or do fashion these days require even much more skinnier people to wear them? Sure I know that fashion always required skinny people, but trends this time around favor the really rail-thin kind. In contrast to voluptuous figures or the muscle-toned ones of a few years back, back when those looks were still relatively doable. Like we have to go back to the waif-like bodies of the past with all the body-con trends, and midriff bearing tops. and to the 80s inspired looks that really only the ultra thin can pull off.

Me, I really love these looks, but I've always felt myself as kinda stocky and nowhere near lean enough for it.

In any case, here's some inspiration for you.
Absolutely loved the looks I just posted.

New Flats

Finally bought a new pair of flats.
My old black one is a safety hazard as the soles are completely worn out! I'd be walking extra careful on smooth surfaces or risk falling flat on my face or butt.

T'was such a steal at only $5!

Was going to be boring and buy the brown flats but I decided to be just a little more bold and get this one instead in "Gunmetal".

Shop: Jay Jays

It's EOFYS! (End of Financial Year Sale)
You just gotta love it.

Look what I bought for $20 from Jay Jay's the other day.

Happy happy :)

Been looking around for a military jacket for awhile now and I struck gold while shopping one day. I initially had my eyes on another jacket that was on sale but while looking for it (they didn't have my size at the other store) I found this instead and just knew that I had to bring it home.

It's getting cold and I'm slumming it at home either in jammies or some unsightly long pants and and long sleeved top. How unglam...