One of my friends was looking at our pictures the other day and she commented that we look so different and unique in terms of our appearance and sense of style that it was quite refreshing, compared to seeing a whole group of girls who look like clones of each other - brown hair (either all straight or all permed), fake eyelashes, coloured contacts, skin tight/short clothes.

I found her statement to be very true since I have never thought about us in that way before. Maybe that's why we admire each other's clothes so much? Anyway, kudos to individuality!


Super skinny Jean looking good in her floral top and matching tights.


Love how Mel jazzed up a simple tank top and cuffed shorts combination with accesories! Makes her whole look seem entirely different, no? Check out those snakeskin gladiators.


I especially love her white clip on flower and colourful heart shaped pendant. Makes you feel bright and happy by just looking at it. :D


Black top- Bali
Crystal necklace- Tangs, Singapore
Belt- Bangsar
Bag- LeSportSac
Shorts- Jay Jays
Black bangles and ring- Diva
Sandals- Vincci


Kit Mun looking every bit like a supermodel.
I simply adore her chic and simple little black dress and how she paired it with her checkered bag.


Ka-Yee striking her model pose.



Was browsing through suncare products one fine day at Watsons looking out for Neutrogena Sunblock. I absolutely adore Neutrogena's sunblock for various reasons. With SPF 50+, PA+++ and contains Helioplex® technology but most importantly, it lives up to its claim of giving you the ultra light clean feel. It's non greasy and non sticky. I used to use it on my face and then use Banana Boat sunblock on my body and I would get so irritated because my it leave my body feeling sticky and uncomfortable. So I would highly recommend Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock to anyone.

I've never tried much brands of sunblock other than Banana Boat, Neutrogena and the sample pack of Sun Play so after browsing the shelves of Watsons, I saw this:


A Biore Sunblock for face and it's ideal as a make up base! Double score. Considering that it also has SPF50 and PA+++ I thought why not. Besides, it's the same content (30ml) as Neutrogena sunblock for face and it's almost half the price! (approx RM22 after discount)


It's made in Japan so everything is in Japanese except for the stick on information.
I think I'm falling into the Everything-Japanese-Is-Awesome bandwagon. After 18 years, I finally come to realize and admit not to fall for airbrushed perfection and claims of brand such as Nivea, Loreal etc not that they're not good but simply because us Asian's just have different kind of skin and hair. So the Japanese formulation should suit us better since it is in fact developed specially to suit Asian skin. :)

Back to the Biore sunblock now.
It's a minimalist packaging which is nice. It has a liquid consistency which makes it easy to apply and blend into your face as opposed to the creamier base like Neutrogena's which will require more work blending in. If you don't blend, like I have experienced, you're left with some white streak on your face which is not pretty. :/


Blends in nicely not leaving any white marks. As it says that it's ideal as a make up base, it does in fact leave my skin feeling soft and velvety. I can't say much of it in terms of oil control or making my make up last longer though since I have not used and observed it much yet.

Oh, and as for smell. It does not have any strong fragrance. It smell delightfully light.

I think I need not elaborate more on the importance of wearing sun protection so remember girls, always were sunblock!

Girly Sleepover Outfits.

It's time for another blast of Daily Outfit pictures!

What I wore for my birthday.
Dress- Sg.Wang
Stockings- Times Square
Black booties- Vincci
Long silver necklace- Diva
Black tube (worn inside)- Australia
Watch- Tag Heuer

On a side note, I'm loving my sister's chic all black outfit! Doesn't she look gorgeous?
Credits to the black off-shoulder top.

I love how Mel pulled off her navy blue play suit so well!
The big pink bow headband just adds the right dose of quirkiness/playfulness to her outfit.

Wee epitomizes casual chic in her blouse and skinny jeans combo.
Loving the bright turquoise of her blouse as well as her accessories!

My outfit for the day!
Bat-wing blouse- Times Square
Shorts- Sg.Wang
Winged ring- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Watch- Fossil
Black Bracelets- Diva

Outfit change for dinner at Dome, Pavilion.
The dress and cardi combo is a classic and never fails!

One shouldered dresses are all the rage now and they should be as they are usually pretty flattering.
I loved how Ann paired her one shouldered LBD with gold accessories!

Toga bat-winged dress- thepoplook.com
Gold necklace- Forever 21
Rose ring- Diva

Bringing the summery feel to rainy season KL is Mel!
Summer dresses instantly cheers one up and the denim jacket keeps things casual and not overtly girly.
Loved how her headband matched her dress. :)

Dress- Ms.Selfridge
Cropped jacket- Nike
White heels- Vincci
Ring- Diva
Earrings- DFO, Australia

Our multicoloured nails and many rings (which were mostly from Diva! 0_0)

Another outfit change before we hit the clubs!
Bare backed dresses are extremely sexayy don't you think?

Loving the vivid blue and balck combo of Jowee's dress.
Ann's outfit and mine were the same as we didn't bring extra dresses.

Check out our bling for the night! ;)

The next day's outfits!
Mel wore her cute play suit again with a change of headband (it now matches her shoes) and a red quilted and studded handbag.
Proof of how changing your accessories changes your outfit altogether!

Studded from head to toe!
Loving this whole combo- the studs from her shirt to her skirt to her shoes makes her look like a rocker. Yet her accessories and the way she paired her outfit makes it look chic at the same time.
Rocker chic?

Kit Mun's outfit is casually elegant. The spaghetti and cardi combo is another fail-safe one.
Loving how her mini is showing off her super long legs.
The black pumps don't hurt either.

Dress- Sg.Wang
Black flats- Vincci
Zebra necklace- Times Square
Black bracelets- Diva
Watch- Fossil
Bag- LeSportSac
Belt- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

At first Ann was worried her outfit was too casual but with her black quilted bag and gold necklaces, she is the epitome of casual chic.
Loving how she pulls of denim cut-off shorts too!

Floral top- Valley Girl (Australia)
Cuffed shorts- Valley Girl (Australia)
Quilted Bag- garderobe-mode.blogspot.com
Sandals- Vincci

That's all for now folks! (Girls, feel free to edit and add in where you got your stuff from)

Miss Selfridge Christmas '09 Collection

I was received a mail from Miss Selfridge regarding their Christmas collection and instantly fell in love with it.
Which is weird coz I hardly ever get anything from Miss Selfridge. I get my stuff from Topshop and Dorothy Perkins (their jeans rock!).

Doesn't this picture draw you in already?
The sequinned jackets, studded dresses and military esque jackets are making me salivate already.
Here's some of the Christmas collection items that I really like:
I really love the black and white scarves.
I can see them being paired with black blazers and looking oh-so-chic.

Fell irrevocably in love with this clutch. The studs!!!
I wish they had it in silver though. I'm not such a big fan of gold.

Love the cropped blazers. Especially the one on the right! The sleeves are so interesting.

The one on the left is my favourite. I love how the tutu brings out the ballerina-like effect yet the black makes the dress look edgy.

Here's some other items I really liked which I found on their website (and which I don't think is for sale in Malaysia):

Polka dot blazer.
Love the details.

Star Jumper

It looks so warm and inviting!

I think the colour combination of this is just awesome and the details around the neckline are gorgeous!

Love the sleeves and collar. So different.

The pattern really attracted me.

I would so wear this dress out. The sleeves are a winner!

Again, the details around the neckline are beautiful.

This sequinned cardigan is a good way to jazz up a simple outfit.

I really want to just buy everything! Everything looks so pretty.
Sigh, the evils of shopping and online browsing. *sniffles*
Capitalism. Bah, humbug.

Daily Outfits

With things heating up in Perth, it was time to whip out the skirts, shorts, tanks and tees.
Here's a compilation of a few of my daily outfits in Perth.
Am back in KL now which is hello to humidity and well, covering up a little more because you just dont want to attract the wrong kinda attraction.
So just have a browse through the pictures of my outfits.

The skirt can be very unforgiving as it hugs onto you curves. I found that by adding the cardigan and belt it helps slim down the look.

And a few more here and there.

My best purchase has got to be the denim shorts that I bought from Valley Girl for $24.90 as seen in all 3 photos. Sometimes, nothing beats the good ol' shorts and t-shirt combo. :)
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I Hope You Guys Aren't Bored Of These Yet...

Dress- Cats Whiskers
Watch- Fossil
Ring- (Present fr Aussie)
Bronze bracelets- Cats Whiskers

Snowflake earrings- Hong Kong
Checkered dress- Oopsie Daisie
Black stockings- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Belt- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Ring- Diva
Watch- D&G

Crystal necklace- Tangs, Singapore
Grey and black long top- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Black suede heels- Vincci
Anklet- Hong Kong
Star belt- Cats Whiskers
Shorts- Esprit
Watch- Fossil
Black and grey bracelet- Sportsgirl (Aussie)
Black diamante bracelet- Diva
Ring- Diva

I dunno 'bout you guys but I seem to have an endless fascination with what people wear daily. It's interesting to see what kind of combinations they can come up with and stuff.
I'm probably not your most interesting/cool/ outrageous daily outfit person compared to a lot of other people but hey, everyone's got their own sense of fashion right? :)