A Trip to Wildlife Park

Hi ya'all!!! I hope my assignments and coming finals could be a valid reason for my long absence here but fret not! I'm here to give you a short lil update =D Went to Caversham Wildlife Park just right today and had Chinese Dim Sum in the morning yums! Nothing grand but just a simple outfit.

Here's a lil pic of the tasmanian devil. Since it's Halloween today =D

Red Studded Flap Bag(in the first and last two pics)- Sportsgirl
Red Shopping Bag - Longchamp
All accesories - Diva
Sunnies - Forever 21
Striped Grey Top - Valleygirl
Leggings- Valleygirl
Flipflops- Bras N Things

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Currently Lusting After...

My current obsession is with...boots.
Which is so unpractical because I can never wear them here. (Or at least seldom la..)
But I walked past Aldo in Gardens one day... and this baby right here was on display.
It was love at first sight I tell you.
My sister will probably tell you how I stood in front of the window display and squeaked and squealed as I looked at it.
Unfortunately, my current love at first sight and I are not meant to be... because it costs RM490.
And it is very unpractical because I won't be able to wear it here.
Whyyyyy la like tht?

It is perfect lo.
The material is suede-like which makes it so gorgeous to touch (won't be very nice in the rain though >.<)
And it has studs all round it!!!!
I was so sold it's not funny.
Plus it's flat heeled so it's comfy.
Now everytime I walk past Aldo, I have to stop and stare at the window display.
I am not kidding lo. Sigh.

I browsed through their website and found this baby too!
So pweetttyyyy!
And such a beautiful colour too!
It's times like these I wish Malaysia had four seasons instead of two- rainy or swealteringly hot.

Love Is A Revolution.

Daily Outfits!
Checkered shirt- Sg.Wang
Belt- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Watch- D&G
Shell earrings- The Curve flea market
Black jeans- Dorothy Perkins
Sneakers- Puma

Okay, this is not a daily outfit but it's what I wore for Monash Ball 2009!
On me
Purple dress- Eclipse (I stole from my sister wan. =D)
Shoes- Lewre (Also my sister's)
Black bracelets (set of 5)- Diva
Ring- Diva
On Kit Mun
Black dress- Forever 21
Clutch- Also my sister's. I dunno where she got it from. >.<
Gold shoes- Online (Kit Mun, edit this if you have the time la)
Black bracelet- Diva
Earrings- DFO

On Jowee
Dress- Little Black Book (if I'm not mistaken)
Headbands- Diva
Necklace- Her mom's
Gold/silver cardigan- Forever 21
White spaghetti (worn inside)- Topshop
Star belt- Cats Whiskers
Shorts- Jay Jays
Watch- Tag Heuer
Gold Bracelet- My sister's
Brown sling bag- Dorothy Perkins

A closer look at my accesories. =)

Bracelet- My sister's

Winged ring- Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

Red flats- Vincci
Dress- Sg. Wang RM30 shop (I saw my dress, albeit in a different colour, at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid also yesterday for the same price. Sigh.)
White belt- Tangs, Singapore
Silver bambi and mushroom necklace- Sportsgirl
Pink Tokidoki bag- LeSportSac
Watch- D&G

A closer look at the adorable shoes! I always get the "cute shoes" comment when I wear this. <3

Spring has Sprung

Finally, the sun is out (though it still hides behind the clouds some days)! Good bye to jeans, boots, blacks and scarves. Hello to tans, colours, shorts, dresses, sunnies and thongs. When I say thongs, what I mean is flip-flops not the undergarment.

The first spring outfit:
Dress from Jay Jays
Cardigan from Valley Girl
Skinny belt from Deeper and Harder

So want to buy more short dresses! Went shopping today and it was a fail. :( Fail yesterday as well. Saw a peach tie died top for only $10 but it was too big.
I tried on a maxi dress and I liked it!

Oh, and I finally learnt how to do fishtail braids! Tried it out on my sister as you can see.
Basically all you have to do is to separate your hair into two sections. Now you'll have a left section and a right section. What you do now is you take a small portion of the outside of the right section and bring it over to the inside of the left section. Do the same with the left side to right side and keep on going. In my opinion, it takes awhile for you to finally see the fishtail results. Happy trying!

The Girl Loves Diva

Since Diva landed on Malaysian shores I-don't-know-when, I've been buying 90% of my accessories from Diva. It's not just that I'm a crazy fanboy but it's just that Diva accessories are silver coated making it ok for my nickel allergy. I wont itch and break out with dermatitis. Curse the nickel allergy okay, now I can't buy cheaper accessories unless they're nickel free or allergy friendly.

There's a store here, very similar to Diva even cheaper but imo, a little inferior to Diva and it's called Equip. Was at that store a month ago or so and I so wanted to buy this quilted purse and it was only $20 but my sister said it doesn't look nice so I didn't get it. Went there again last week because they were having sales and I found my purse on half price! BUY.

Would have prefered black but off-white was all that they had.
I like my new purse! At least this one had separate slots for your notes and a zipper for your coins. My old one didn't and it was quite a pain as my coins would constantly be dropping out.

Okay, as for another very exciting news,
LOOK WHAT OPENED AT CAROUSEL MALL opposite the existing Diva shop.
Diva Outlet! EVERYTHING YOU SEE is $5 (okay, perhaps some more than $5)

I'm in the land down under here so can anyone tell me what's the average price of Diva items on sale in KL? Considering how the AUD exchange rate just wont stop increasing, I'm not sure if $5 is still considered cheap.

Here are some Diva $5 purchases:

I absolutely love this ring. It looks simply beautiful. :)

Some large earrings

Set of snake skin bagles

And a snake bracelet

A girl just can't get enough accessories.