Treats for the Big V Day!

Big V is definitely drawing near!! I cannot wait for the day to spend it with the ones you love. The day also means that you get to see more and buy more! V day is the perfect excuse to your shopping expenses, no? Haha. ;)

Well, as usual, I was online-window-shopping (so called window shopping, but I always ended up buying tons of things) trying to see if there’s something I can buy for my loved ones. Somehow through review blogs I ended up in this blog “Velvet Dream” and I found this amazing beautiful little thing.

The little round angel with wings is definitely one to die for! I’ve came across the standard angel wings rings but I’ve never seen one like this. And with a diamond on it! I’m definitely head over heels in love with this little sparkling ring. =D

I don’t know bout you, but I would really love this ring for the big V day. Even though it’s not expensive but it’s special and definitely unique! It’s the thought that counts!

Happy Valentine!! =D

Love all of you to bits! =) Ciaoz.


You are SO DULL! All you EVER wear is BLACK, WHITE and GREY!

Half a year ago, Nicole shouted the exact same thing to me. You must think, OUCH!! Well, what can I say, I have a rather straightforward friend. ;)

But also thanks to this friend, I decided to add more spice to my clothing. Yes! She was right! I was awefully dull. Only ever wearing basic colours.

Well, from now onwards, I pledge to buy more colourful clothes! =D However, I'm only in probation period towards colours. I am no good with colours and hope all the readers can help in telling me which colours goes well with other colours.

Here are a few of the stuffs from my shopping bags. My current love is RED now. I dun have much experience with prints and flowers.

Red Criss-cross Back Dress from Oh, Popsicles!
Leggings from China

Soft Leather Dress from Oh, Popsicles!

Red Spaghetti Top from Cotton On
Short from Connaught Night Market

Blue Cardigan from Cotton On
Flowery Top from Cotton On

Pink Long Sleeve Top from Cotton On

Grey Dress from Sungai Wang RM25 Shop

I know these clothes are not exactly colourful, but hey, you gotta let me go step by step ;)
You can't exactly learn how to fly before start crawling. No?

I will continue to be bold and no longer dull! Maybe in the near future you'll see me emerge as a butterfly from that ugly caccoon I've been hiding in!

See ya soon! =DD

DIY: Bejewelled Shoulders

The inspiration:

Pictures credited to * p u m p k i n *.
Their Bejewelled Chains selling for RM35 each. It's perfect for spicing up your outfit and giving it some edge. Feeling inspired and since my hand's have been itching for quite awhile now, I attempted to make one of my own.

Some of you might know this but during my early teen days, I went through a beads/DIY craze so till now, I've got lots of left over beads which still come in hands when I'm feeling crafty. So here's how I did mine; (no step by step picture tutorial since it was a spur of a moment thing and I did it while watching tv)

STEP 1: I cut out the bottom of an old pair of black jeans. You can use whatever suits you but I used black jeans because that's what I had lying untouched in my drawers. Just use your own judgment and refer to the original picture to get a rough idea of the shape and size.

STEP 2: Once you've got the base, go crazy customizing it! I used the silver whatever-it-is-called to help make it pop, it was leftovers that I bought last year from Jusco for my scrapbook project. IMO, it gives it a little military-esque vibe. I bought the studs from Petaling Street, RM10 for a packet of 100, faux pearls and chains that I just had lying around. Again, I was only working with whatever I had at home atm, so just go crazy with your design!

This is what I got.

I personally don't dare to go OTT.

STEP 2 1/2: This isn't complete yet. I plan to get pins attached underneath so I can pin them down to any jacket and add fringe details so it'll hang over the shoulders.

Another one of my worries is that the fabric is peeling. Got to figure out how to seal them up so it doesn't keep peeling. So here's what it looks like on a blazer! Btw, the blazer is vintage. Got it from my mum. :) Gotta love the comeback of yesteryear's fashion. Hint: Never throw anything out. ;)

What do you think? Feel free to share your ideas and perhaps some DIY tips. :)


What my sister and I wore to our Christmas dinner and then to Bar Twenty One at BSC for drinks to countdown to her birthday!
Sorry, I don't know why the first picture is so blur. :(

You can't really see it here but my sister was wearing skin coloured fishnet stockings. Up close, it certainly added more punch to her otherwise simple outfit.
I also loved how she clipped a big, black flower to her top. Instantly adds chic, no?

Black dress - Sg.Wang (by now you've probably noticed we have the same dress in almost every other colour. What can I say? They're only RM25 and are super flattering!)
White heels - Vincci
Black bracelets (set of 5) - Diva
Ring - Diva
Studded bag - Cats Whiskers
Watch - Fossil
Necklace - Cambodia
We were in pretty festive outfits for Christmas Eve but on Christmas Day, I guess we both decided to go back to black!
Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas too!

Black & White

Feeling casual.

This isn't exactly what I wore out for the day. I wore a black vest over it instead of the belt for fairly obvious reasons but I just liked this look so much more. Loving how the top drapes around the waist belt.

Oversized top: MNG
Leggings: Valley Girl, Australia
Belt: Sungei Wang
Necklace: Diva
Handbag: Blogshop

p.s. Forgive the very unglam background, I had good lighting as I was in my room standing infront of the window.