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I finally bought myself a hair dryer months after moving out (no more sisters hair dryer to use). A new toy to play with plus the cold winter months leads to a new obsession.

This is going to sound so bimbo but I love blow drying my hair as it leaves my hair bouncy and tame compared to my hair that would otherwise look dry and unruly.

I am well aware of the damage that heat can do to your hair but I've never really bothered because I do not put my hair through that kind of stress often but now, it was time to get a heat protector! I've heard friends and read some reviews of people complaining that heat protectors leave a layer of weirdness on hair so I was trying to be careful and vary when purchasing my first heat protector. I've have a bad history of compulsively buying new/wrong products. One morning, I went to Priceline store and stared at the isle where hair care products are slowly browsing that the various brands and type of hair products. Had a hard time making up my mind and decided on Organix's Vanilla Silk Blow Dry Cream. Purchased it for ~$14 on offer.

Good news is that this doesn't leave any weird feeling on my hair and it smells absolutely divine (I'm a huge vanilla scent fan)! It's organic and it's vanilla- should be hard to go wrong with. My hair feels softer and more bouncy but I don't know if that's the work of the blow dryer or this product. Conclusion: I absolutely love this product for it's divine scent!!!

On another note:
Disguising a bad hair day
My options usually are:

1. Tie my hair up in a cute french braid.
Works all the time and gets lots of compliments!

2. Tie it up in a bun.
2.1. A messy bun
2.2. A top knot

3. Wear a hair band- I rarely do this because bad hair days and fat days seem to co-exist and hair bands are just too 'cute' to go with it if you know what I mean.

And of course, dry shampoo to the rescue to hide and signs of greasy hair. :)

The top knot

p.s. I just visited Organix's website and by the name of the shampoos (Cherry Blossom Ginseng, Grapefruit Mango Butter, Pomegranate Green Tea) I can just imagine how yummy it would smell! Must read up some reviews on this brand soon and purchase it the next time I need new shampoo!


Swan.T said...

I LOVE the scent of vanilla too! And Organix products are gooood. I've used their shampoos and conditioners before. They all smell divine. And YESH, to blowdrying!! I blow dry my hair almost everyday coz it looks so much better (coz mine is so short)! :)

AndreaC said...

Oh, how did Organix shampoo and conditioner work? Unfortunately I've still got 2 bottles of shampoo to finish before my next shampoo purchase!

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