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I just wanted to show you some looks that I really love and would definitely wear, if I were skinny enough.

Speaking of which, is it me or do fashion these days require even much more skinnier people to wear them? Sure I know that fashion always required skinny people, but trends this time around favor the really rail-thin kind. In contrast to voluptuous figures or the muscle-toned ones of a few years back, back when those looks were still relatively doable. Like we have to go back to the waif-like bodies of the past with all the body-con trends, and midriff bearing tops. and to the 80s inspired looks that really only the ultra thin can pull off.

Me, I really love these looks, but I've always felt myself as kinda stocky and nowhere near lean enough for it.

In any case, here's some inspiration for you.
Absolutely loved the looks I just posted.


Swan.T said...

Mmm. I really really like the look with the black long sleeved top! Understated but still so sexyyy! :)

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